Teach in Australia Program (TiA)

Duration: 12 months

Course Outline

The Teach in Australia Program is a twelve week intensive bridging course that will equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to win a teaching position in an Australian school.  During the program we will assist you to successfully complete your registration to work in Australia as a teacher. The Teach in Australia program will guide and support you to develop your resume, job applications and interview technique and then assist you to find the right job.  To secure a place in this program ideally you will be an experience teacher with an Undergraduate degree in education or a bachelor degree and a Postgraduate qualification in education.  At the moment, there are shortages of teachers across many areas of teaching but the highest demand areas of teaching are in secondary school Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

Teach in Australia is integrated with the SACE Academic English program. In first semester the primary focus will be on English proficiency development plus two units of Teach in Australia. In the subsequent two semesters the volume of Teach in Australia studies will gradually increase until completion.

The course consists of seven (7) units of study as follows:

  • Australian Society and Environment
  • Education and Training Structures and Contemporary Issues
  • AITSL, National Teaching Standards and Teacher Registration
  • National Curriculum, VET Qualifications Framework and Curriculum Resources
  • Assessment and National Assessment
  • Professional Practice
  • Getting a Teaching Position

Course Objectives

In the Teach in Australia Program you will develop a deep understanding of how Australian education works, its administration, jargon, policies, pedagogies, curriculum, assessment processes and cultural considerations.  You will develop an understanding of Australian challenges in areas including teaching in country communities; students with disabilities; indigenous education; multi-cultural student communities; collaborative teaching and learning and; Australian strategies to deal with student behaviour issues.  You will get to work alongside Australian master teachers and experience professional life in a variety of Australian school settings.

Once you have completed the Teach in Australia program, we will provide a free service to assist you in the next step toward securing a teaching position. This assistance is available for as long as you need it. We will assist you to finalise your teacher registration. You will receive one‐on‐one tutoring in the job application process. There will be resume writing workshops, discussions with employers on their expectations and mock interviews. Starting salaries for graduate teachers range from $A56 000 to   $A59 000 per annum.

You can expect higher salaries for experienced teachers. A senior class room teacher can earn in excess of A$80 000. We will also assist you in accessing the financial incentives and accommodation assistance available to work in country areas. 

Entry Requirements

  • A four year degree in teaching or a Bachelor’s degree in another discipline and a Graduate Diploma or Master’s in Education.
  • At least two years teaching experience in a secondary school in Mathematics and or Physic and or Chemistry.
  • Your own country police check then an Australian police check on arrival
  • English at overall 6.5 IELTS with no band less than 6.0. (Please note that in order to register your English program target will be to reach 7.5 IELTS with 8.0 in Speaking and Listening)
  • 45 days minimum professional teaching practice in your qualification
  • Mandatory reporting training regarding child safety and a first aid certificate are required for registration and training for these areas will be part of the Teach in Australia course 

How to Apply

  1. Commence application for Registration with AITSL (allow 10 weeks for assessment)
  2. Complete an Application form
  3. Complete a TiA Questionnaire
  4. Submit supporting documents with Application Form:
  • Copy of current Passport
  • Certified Academic Transcripts
  • IELTS Certificate (Overall 6.5 and no band less than 6.0. Please note that in order to register your English program target will be to reach 7.5 IELTS with 8.0 in Speaking and Listening)
  • Work Experience Certificates
  • TiA CV as Word or PDF format (use template)

Submit Application to the Admissions Officer at admissions@wli.sa.edu.au

Application Process

Step 1: Applicant/Agent submits documents.

Step 2: Assessment process by TiA Course Development -  (if unsuccessful applicant/agent will be advised).

Step 3: Interview by TiA team (face to face or Skype) - (if unsuccessful applicant/agent will be advised).

Step 4: Applicant to fill out SACE application form - (if successful applicant/agent will be advised).

Step 5: If all documents are complete and applicant is SUITABLE for program, the admission officer sends Offer letter to applicant/agent.

Step 6: Pay Tuition Fee and Overseas Health Cover to SACE bank account.

Step 7: Enrolment process begins at TWLI and SACE.

Commencement Dates

Next intake: contact us!

Total Program Fees

Total Fees: $A11,000
Fees include all materials, excursions, access to a subject association conference and travel to country schools.  Teacher registration fees are not included and are the students' responsibility.

This fee does not include SACE fees!