This is my first news letter for a while. But that’s not to say we haven’t been busy! As you will see in ‘News’ we have had a series of successes:

Accreditation of our innovative Graduate Certificate in Wounds Management
Approval from the Australian Skills Quality Authority for reaccreditation as a Registered Training Organisation for five more years
Agreement to partner with the South Australian College of English to deliver a combined Teach in Australia/Academic English program
As I write this newsletter our Professional Year Program in IT is about to commence
Agreement to partner with a new public university to deliver courses at William Light (more on this as soon as all the accreditation matters are finalised)
Completion of our 5 year contract with Federation University.  It is the Federation University area that I wish to comment on further here.

We commenced delivering courses in business, accounting, information technology and nursing on behalf of the then University of Ballarat from July 2009 (the university changed its name to ‘Federation University’ in 2013) . However, the relationship goes back to 2006 with initial discussions on the possibility of a partnering arrangement. Over the years we have established many enduring friendships with staff at ‘UB’ as we affectionately call it. Whilst our visits to the Mount Helen campus were usually conducted in freezing temperatures the welcome we received was always a very warm one!

Many UB staff visited William Light and we have many pleasant memories, particularly as regards graduation ceremonies.

I am proud to say that during our partnership with UB we consistently delivered courses at the highest level of quality and received a number of commendations on our teaching and support to students.

We have learnt a great deal in our years partnering UB and The William Light Institute is now in a position to use this legacy to continue our drive to provide a world class education for international students.

On behalf of all our staff we wish UB (Federation University) and its lovely staff every success with their new directions.

Finally I must say that we at The William Light Institute are very excited about our new public university partnership which was signed off in August this year. The culture of quality teaching and care underpinning the University’s operations is very similar to our own approach. We have already assisted the University in redeveloping some of their courses so the academic relationship is strong. Some accreditation matters are still in progress but we are hopeful of commencing delivery in February 2015 with a larger complement of courses in July. 


Greg Black