Our Graduates Stories

Keeping in touch with our Alumni!

Here at The William Light Institute we love to keep in touch with our past students.  We would like to introduce you to them:

Gagandeep (PYP graduate)

My PYP at the William Light Institute was a very good experience, I got a lot to learn. The faculty was highly qualified and method of imparting knowledge through interesting assessments was great....  The William Light Institute administration is very supportive and encouraging, my placement at the end of the course turned into a full time work opportunity.

Milankumar  (PYP graduate)

I decided to do the Professional Year Program because I was sure about their successful network that could help me to kick start my career. During the coursework component, I liked the way the tutor built up the confidence within us to become competent enough in IT industry. During my internship, I gained a real life experience to understanding of the Australian business culture and environment – it is a good way to learn something I could have never experienced before. I would recommended this program because it is valuable for new graduates.”

Ketan  (PYP graduate)

Studying the Professional Year Program at The William Light Institute was very beneficial to me as I got exposure to Australian work culture through highly experienced mentors and lecturers. The internship that followed has added onto my technical skills and increased my ability to perform in a team environment.

Bhumi (PYP graduate)

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to the William Light Institute. I really appreciated the effort made by the education staff and teachers. I gained real IT experience from my three month internship. As an international student, it helped me a lot to be involved with a local workplace."

The William Light Institute PYP has been a fantastic experience. It has helped me to build up my confidence level. Also, I've learned about the Australian Workplace Culture and behaviour. I believe I've developed more knowledge and skills regarding the IT field than before I joined this course.


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