Meet Sathees!

Course Studied: Bachelor of Information Technology
Home Country: Malaysia
Year Graduated: 2013

I was initially nervous about making a huge move from Kuala Lumpur to Adelaide, it was quickly comforted with the generosity and information shared by the TWLI team. Apart from providing world class education, they provide valuable information sessions to new/existing international students on how to adapt effectively into the local community. The advantage of studying in TWLI is the small/medium classrooms with limited number of students. This created an environment which enabled the students to spend more time with the lecturers who in turn provided the necessary support and guidance efficiently.

They are a class above the rest. Each member of the TWLI team are always welcoming to all students and are always in a position to assist them in any circumstances. The student mentally would need to be strong in order to complete their studies, but without the TWLI lecturers and staff, its always a doubt if we can cross the finish line stronger!

The subjects were tailor made to ensure that it is relevant to the current working environment and assisted me in many ways to perform my job better. Apart from the learning, the guidance and experience shared by the lecturers and staff members ensured that I stay positive and be prepared for what to expect next.