Meet Kathrine!

Course Studied: Master of Information Technology (MIT)
Home Country: Philippines
Year Graduated: 2014

Studying at TWLI gave me an unforgettable experience, not only academically but also personally. Studying at TWLI enhanced my knowledge and skills as a Programmer. TWLI ensures that their students absolutely learn and gain knowledge while studying. Most of their instructors are well equipped in the subjects that they teach.

I met different people and developed a good relationship with them. I felt that I was still in the Philippines because most of the students are Filipinos and my home sickness was lessened and I gained true friends while studying here.

Staff and teachers at TWLI are very accommodating and friendly. They are all approachable and willing to help you with all your problems. They are supportive with their students especially with their personal problems.

I have been exposed in other programming languages that I was not familiar with before, like Java, Xcode, PHP, XML and other programming languages that are currently circulating in the IT industry.

Gaining my Masters degree at TWLI gave me a big advantage in job hunting. My CV becomes eye catching to the employers and agencies. Exposing myself in different programming languages made me a multi-lingual.

I am currently working at Siemens Healthcare in Melbourne as SQL Developer. I became an asset to their company because their IT developers are located in Singapore. My boss is really impressed with my work because I deliver the tasks that was assigned to me with flying colours and also my experience in IT.

I believe that I cannot do this job without my credentials and I thank TWLI for helping me to enrich my knowledge and skills. I not only developed self confidence but also made me a better person.