Meet Jeanille!

Course Studied: Initial Registration for Overseas Nurses (IRON)
Home Country: Philippines
Year Graduated: 2013

Studying at TWLI made my whole student experience in Australia a truly wonderful learning milestone. The TWLI staff welcomed me wholeheartedly from the moment that I set foot in Australia in 2013. They also offered utmost assistance and support throughout my course, particularly in settling down in this foreign country. I studied the Initial Registration for Overseas Nurses (IRON) program for 3 months which includes 6 weeks of Clinical Placement. Although it was a very short course, The Principal, Ms Mona Dharma and Academic Director, Dr Rhodora Abadia, and the rest of the staff, have shown genuine leadership and formed a relationship with their students and were very accommodating to our needs.

Currently, I work as an Operating Theatre Clinical Co-ordinator at John Fawkner Private Hospital in Melbourne, Victoria. And every time I see IRON students at work, it always reminds me of the challenging journey that I've been through since 2013. This puts a smile on my face knowing how grateful I am to the people who shaped, prepared, and assisted me all throughout.