Meet Chicku!

Who am I?

Name: Chicku
Home Country: India
Course Studied: Initial Registration for Overseas Nurses (IRON)
Year Graduated: 2011

1. What did you like about studying at TWLI?

My stint at The William Light Institute apart from being incredibly enjoyable paved the way for my professional achievement. Having come from India, I found myself at home here and could master the Aussie way of life quickly, which is so ingrained in me today. The academic acumen is, to my mind, a cut above and I am indeed indebted to The William Light Institute for all that I am today. 

2. What can you say about your staff and teachers?

The staff and teachers have been quite versatile and often their friendly yet firm way of doing things has only inspired me to set higher targets and raise the bar. They have mostly been willing to walk the extra mile which did make a difference for students like me. 

3. How do you think studying at TWLI helped you in your career?

My studies at the institute did make me a thoroughbred professional, that I was spoilt for choice when I had to decide on a job. The institute helped me perfect my nursing skills and muster the confidence which is still steering me in my career path as a successful RN.

I wish the institute and the students all success.