Meet Meng and Lishi!

Course Studied: Bachelor of Business
Home Country: China
Year Graduated: 2014


I liked the atmosphere at TWLI because I can study with my best friends. I also made other friends from different countries. They were very helpful with my studies. The TWLI staff were very nice, they were very friendly to us and helped us a lot. It was a good study experience at TWLI. It improved my ability to work in groups and gave me more confidence when giving presentations. These abilities are very helpful to my work now, here in China.

我非常喜欢在wli 的氛围. 因为可以和我最好的朋友们 冠莹 Billy 赵哲 和 Ben 还有我的女朋友 诗诗。 在这里我还认识了两个来自不同国家的朋友 Jack 和 Robin, 他们在学习上给了我很大的帮助。同样感谢 TWLI 的工作人员和老师们 比如 Uran, Lisa 和 Rhoda, 她们非常的友善 并且尽可能的帮助我们一切 尤其感谢 Rhoda 给我和诗诗很大的帮助。在 TWLI 是一次很好的学习经验 让我提高了 团队合作以及演讲展示的能力, 这些能力对于我现在的工作有很大的帮助。 在这里 我上传一些我和诗诗 还有朋友们的近照


I'm now working as an accountant in my family business. I liked studying at TWLI, I felt free and enjoyed it there. All of the TWLI staff and teachers helped us one by one with our studies, they took care of us and prepared us well for life beyond our studies. I would like to thank everyone for their help!