Meet Arpan!

Course Studied: Master of Business Administration (International Management)
Home Country: India
Year Graduated: 2012

Studying overseas was a new experience for me and studying at TWLI made it a better experience for me. At TWLI I learnt many life lessons during my studies in the Masters of Business Administration (International Management). I learnt about the diversity of Australia. Australia is very multi cultural country. Being an international student, it is important to learn all multicultural skills and TWLI made it easy for me by providing a multicultural environment. The TWLI campus has all the facilities for students to improve their learning.  

Each staff member of TWLI were very supportive and always tried to understand students position and needs and helped to get the best solution out of any difficult problem. The teachers at TWLI were highly skilled and very cooperative. The teachers made our study more interesting by providing knowledge and examples of real organizations.  

TWLI has helped me in achieving my career goals. While studying at TWLI I have improved my knowledge about the work place. As we all know that practical knowledge is very important for a learning management course. At TWLI I have done many projects where I always had chance to visit real organizations to explore more knowledge about the subject. TWLI staff have been very helpful in providing important information about my career.