Meet Ameya!

Who am I?

Name: Ameya
Home Country: India
Course Studied: Master of Commerce (Professional Accounting)
Year Graduated: 2011

1. What did you like about studying at TWLI?

Australia is such a diverse society. People are proud of their origins and also show great understanding of foreign cultures which makes you feel more at home rather than in a completely different world all together. For that same reason I chose to be at TWLI to pursue my Master of Commerce (Professional Accounting) degree as TWLI aims to focus on student learning and maximising the benefits of education, which is absolutely true as I used to have small class sizes which made my learning experience much better and more interactive.

2. What can you say about your staff and teachers?

The staff at TWLI is one of the best staff I could ever have in my university life as they would always be cooperative with matters related to studies and also any other kind that you needed assistance with. They would make sure we would have some kind of solution to get through the hard times.  The teachers were equally dedicated at TWLI as we would not just have lecturers from the institute but also from outside the institute who are working in different organisations which made our lectures more interesting as that gave us more practical experience, which I think is the most valuable aspect of a student’s life.

3. How do you think studying at TWLI helped you in your career?

TWLI has helped me a lot with my career. I was known to each and every person in the institute which opened up a lot options for me to expose myself to the outside workplace environment. I still remember the day when one of our lecturers who worked at Deloitte in the Risk & Assessment department as a Director gave us an opportunity to have a personal interaction with the lady who was heading the committee to recruit graduates from university. I think it was the most valuable opportunity that I had. It gave me a chance to prove myself.

Instances like these and other good times make TWLI a great place to be.