Job ready programs!

The Growing Importance of Alternative Credentials

An excellent article on 9th March 2016 in the ICEF Monitor ( discusses the burgeoning interest by students and employers in ‘alternative credentials’. Leading expert on innovation in higher education Dr Michelle Weise is quoted as saying, “.....more and more young people want their education to be flexible, inexpensive and oriented toward job opportunities.”

For Dr Weise certificates or alternative credentials provide a better indication of whether someone has acquired specific skills.

The article also notes that, ‘recognising that prospective employers are seeking specific, demonstrable skills, LinkedIn recently launched its Add to Profile for Certifications’ feature.’ 

Indeed providing ‘job ready’ courses is our fundamental mantra at The William Light Institute. We have designed new courses that provide specific skills such as the Graduate Certificate in Wound Management and our innovative Wound Resource Nurse program currently being delivered in Sri Lanka. Both these courses are skill specific, practical, hands on and best practice. It is little wonder that interest in both programs is very high. The Wound Resource Nurse short course has been tailored to suit the skill development requires in Sri Lanka and can be easily adjusted to the needs of other markets. Wound Resource Nurse will soon have several separate industry accreditations making the program attractive to nurses in many countries. Further additional adjustments the program can be made suitable for medical practitioners, physiotherapists, podiatrists and emergency services workers.

We have an exciting development pipeline of other skill specific accredited and non-accredited courses similar that are consistent with the ‘Wounds’ model.

In a similar vein our Professional Year Program for international IT graduates is an alternative credential that gives IT graduates specific job ready skills in business communications team work and report writing together with a skill specific internship in industry.

If you choose William Light as a study option you will be choosing job ready programs!


Kind regards

Greg Black