Dr. Rhodora “Rhoda”  Abadia

Academic Director

In between raising a young family and a good book, Rhoda is, most often than not, out inspiring her students to be lifelong learners.

Twenty years in the information industry and the academe make Rhoda a lifelong learner herself. She has Bachelors(honours) , Masters and PhD degree in Computer Science. Within this period, she has been faculty head and department chair of Software Technology at De La Salle University; a research fellow at the University of Michigan;  a published author on Artificial Intelligence and educational technologies; Computer Science and Information Technology course developer for various universities, both local and international. 

Rhoda is the Academic Director for the William Light Institute.  Concurrently, she is the Academic Coordinator for Australian Catholic University where she has developed online units and facilitates online learning.  She was the former Academic Coordinator, adjunct faculty member and research collaborator for Federation University (formerly University of Ballarat). She is also involve in various communities as member of the council at the parish of The Monastery: St Paul of the Cross and Mercedes College's MPFA. She has recently completed her Graduate Certificate in Education (Tertiary Teaching) from Federation University and currently  undertaking a Graduate Certificate in Education Management at University of Melbourne.