Kate Davis

Director Nursing Programs

Kate is a ‘Hills dweller’ and loves to walk or run the many paths of the Belair national park, Adelaide parklands or the Torrens River circuit. Balancing life with work, family (three teenage girls), and study is her ongoing challenge and joy. In between these commitments, Kate loves to read, and stealing time with her e-reader is her latest indulgence.

Kate’s 30 years experience in health care, staff development and nursing education include education leadership roles at the Flinders Medical Centre, Department of Health and the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Kate is absolutely committed to supporting nurses’ learning experiences. Whether it is in the classroom or in the workplace, Kate is passionate about respectful and valuable interactions and learning experiences. Kate is presently completing her Masters of Clinical Science, with her research focussing on the influence of workplace culture on nurses’ learning experiences.

Kate thrives on developing new ideas, applying these to nursing education and working with a team throughout implementation. The process of collaboration and consultation is an exciting one.